Monday, 21 November 2016

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This is my P.E Reflection

PE/Athletics reflection

Choose 5 questions to answer with ADDED DETAIL and GOOD THINKING. Delete the questions you have not answered.

    Image result for high jump
  1. What was your favorite athletics to practice? Explain. High jump because it is really fun and good exercise.   
  2. What was your favorite event at athletics day? Explain. High jump because I got fit for the next event and I did really good.
  3. Who is an athletics role model for you? Explain. Mac because he told me how to do the long jump when I got stuck
  4. What would you have liked to have spent more time practicing? Explain. Long jump because it was really complicated when I had to end on one foot then jump on both feet then jump again
  5. What was your best performance at Athletics day? Explain. High jump because my highest jump is about 1 metre.

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  1. Nice work Benji, You did a great job on this reflection, it has lots of detail. The picture of the diagram is really cool. Keep up the awesome blog posts and work.