Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Are you wanting to learn about kuri? I learnt about  them in my reading group.


What are kuri?kuri are dog’s.

Where did kuri come from?east Asia.

What is a kahukuri?cloak.

Why have kuri disappeared?after pakeha arrived in Aotearoa NZ, kuri disappeared.

Quickly retell a story about a kuri that is in this article:In hawaii, the cook islands, and Aotearoa nz, people have found dog bones that are hundreds or even thousands of years old. Scientists have studied these bones. They have worked out that the bones came from dogs that are related to one and another.Scientists agree that the ancestors of kuri probably came from east Asia and travelled from island to island with their owners. Kuri arrived in Aotearoa nz with the early polynesian voyagers. Scientists think that the dogs were brought here because people knew kuri would help them to stay alive in the new land.Dogs were good hunters - they could help find and catch birds like kiwi - and they could also been eaten  if there owner was starving. Kuri were good companions as well, and sometimes, chiefs kept them as pets. All iwi of Aotearoa have interesting stories about there kuri.