Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Quick write night of the cockroaches

Once a Pona time there was an inventor he invented things he invented a basketball hoop once and that was going to change his life. he scored 1 point but the ball had completely diserppered so he jumped into the hoop and he was floating down  in the hoop but didn't land on hard ground in fact i didn't even land on concrete i landed on a basketball court. to go back home i had to win a basketball tournament ageist the lost crusaders the best team and it was me and a bunch of cockroaches as small as ants but there legs could throe a ball into space. the match had started  I started dribbling but then squashed a cockroach. I kept on dribbling then passed the ball to on of the cockroaches. the cockroach thru the ball into the hoop. by then it was half time. I looked for the cockroach I squished. by the time I found it  was growing into a giant spider and so were the rest. I had to hide. I still had my rifle so I started shooting them but that only made them turn into cockroaches twice the size of the giant spider. Finally I find a weakness the heart. I keep shooting but I need to get it in the center. I finally I kill them all. after that I get to go home.          

Wednesday, 3 May 2017



 I like the holidays cause I had a birthday it was really cool seeing the boys at the party, seeing them was o so cool. now over to my boy Nehemiah. on the other day in the holidays I was playing with the 11th grade smashing everyone with the scutter step. now over to my boy Benji. I like the holidays cause you get to go to the movies and play video games. now over to my boy Zane. I like to go to taupo going to the pools at the end of the day playing all the time on the obstacle course falling in to the water every 5 minutes now over to Charlie. open the door to the wild house owned by doc now all you have to do is join the flock. now back over to my boy Jacob. Lauryn had a birthday halo went to the movies rain went fishing sienna went to shine falls and millie went to rainbosend wait a minute we cant forget paris he went to the sky tower and budgie jumped. ❌ wings out.