Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The B.F.G

                               The B.F.G.

  On Wednesday Toby, Curtis, Ella and my nanny took me and my brother to watch The B.F.G. Never go to the window never open the centers never step on the deck outside of the window. At the start there was a girl named shoppe she got out of bed and went to the window then it happened the B.F.G came he saw shoppe and shoppe saw him. Then The B.F.G walked to shoppe´s window and grabbed shoppe out of the window. The B.F.G took shoppe to giant Country and shoppe said ´´why did you steel me´´ ´´I had to otherwise you human been would be chatting to every other human been that you saw a giant´´ ´´I would not´´. The next 5 day´s shoppe and the B.F.G went to see the queen and told her they needed her people to help get rid of the giants before they gobble up the world so the queen told her people to go with the b.f.g and shoppe. When the B.F.G, shoppe and the queens people arrived all of the giants were asleep and then shoppe Took a nightmare jar opened the lid and made all the giants have a nightmare but not one and when the B.F.G looked back at shoppe she was gone and the B.F.G looked back at the giants and saw shoppe feeding the giants the nightmare jar and then the B.F.G ran to help shoppe then the queens people trapped the giants in some nets and deserted the giants on an island and all they had to eat was snooze cumber seeds.                

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